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Wifi BoosterWelcome to WIfi Booster website. You have stumbled upon this page is because you have been looking for a way to boost your WIFI signal. We have listed some of the information about WIfi Booster and also the way you can boost your WIFI signal for free if you have a limited budget otherwise take our recommendation to boost your signal to whenever you want.

A WiFi Booster May Be Just What You Need

A WiFi booster or signal accelerator is an external device that connects to an existing network and amplifies the WiFi signal to obtain better reception at a longer distance from the base unit. The standard range of an indoor WiFi connection is approximately 150 feet subject to surrounding obstacles. With a booster this range can be extended out to as much as 450 feet from the base unit with a strong WiFi signal. However, the range and strength increases provided do not increase the data rate of the connection.

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How a WiFi Booster Works

The need for a WiFi booster is present in the technology itself. As the distance between the source signal and the receiving unit increases, the intensity of the signal decreases. Inside a house, there is additional interference with the presence of walls and floors that will either deaden the signal causing a dead spot, or absorb the electromagnetic signals, weakening reception.

Besides boosting the WiFI signal, we would recommend you to use a Wifi Repeater to extend your signal to further distance. We will talk more about that later on this page below.

Why Use a WiFi Repeater instead of WiFi Booster

The purpose of a WiFi booster has been explained, and though they are relatively inexpensive, a need has to be connected with the technology. Inside a home, especially if there are multiple mobile devices being used in tandem, the booster can help alleviate weak reception signals encountered by the family. But unfortunately the WIFi Booster is not able to guarantee your signal quality and many times the problems lies on the signal getting back to the AP from mobile or laptop devices.

With WiFi Repeater, you will not have this quality issue and usually with a much more guaranteed quality of signal. Please see our recommendation to extend your WIFI coverage with ease. You can also find more information from here.

WIfi Repeater

Boost Your WiFI Signal the cheapest way

As promised, below is the cheapest way to extend your WiFi coverage and of course you can use any type of can to achieve this.


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